Monday, January 3, 2011

Today's Treat: 50% OFF for 2 delicious Pan de Plato or Pandesal Sandwiches at the Bread Bag!

Today's Deal :
50% OFF!!! P122 for 2 delicious Pan de Plato or Pandesal Sandwiches at the Bread Bag! Choose any flavor!

  • Valid from Jan. 7  to March 31, 2011
  • Purchase limited to 6 vouchers per person.
  • Not valid with other offers.

  • Wood-fired, pugon-baked bread, always fresh.
  • 100 grams pandesal; as big as your burger bun.
  • Unique dining experience of eating the best Filipino viands with pandesal.
  • Since 1960 - Casa Marco heritage.
  • Valid for dine and take out!

About the deal:  
For today's exclusive CashCashPinoy deal, we're going to put an exciting spin on a classic Fillipino favorite: the pandesal. For only P122, The Bread Bag Pandesal Bar is inviting you to Buy One and Take One any of their mouthwatering Pan De Plato meals or Pandesal Sandwiches!
Step away from the usual restaurant visit and enjoy the lasting value of the pandesal as it exceeds your expectations. The Bread Bag Pandesal Bar offers a distinct dining experience  While their pandesal is guaranteed to be delicious on their own, Bread Bag's Pan De Plato makes them even better when paired with your favorite viands in place of rice.
Pan de Plato are open-faced sandwiches topped with classic viands. Imagine these delectable dishes with its flavorful meat and rich spices coupled with the classic all-time Filipino bread – pandesal which is pugon-baked daily to maintain its unique taste and flavor.
  • Pan ala Cubano – sautéed ground beef with tomato sauce, onions, raisins, fried banana and sunny-side up
  • Roast Beef- Beef brisket braised in beef stock, soy sauce, tomatoes, garlic and onions
  • Adobo Flakes- the classic Filipino dish topped with Kesong puti
  • Chicken and Mushroom- chicken thigh strips with button mushrooms and special gravy 
Not to be missed either are Bread Bag's drool-worthy sandwiches.
  • Corned Beef- house cured beef brisket sautéed in onions, topped with scrambled eggs, served with garlic mayo
  • Kesong Puti- the classic Laguna cheese with basil pesto, tomato and balsamic vinegar syrup
  • Chicken Schnitzel- Pan-fried and breaded chicken thigh fillet, served with lettuce, tomato and special house gravy.
  • Sardines- home-made style sardines with tomato, lettuce and a special sweet and spicy sauce
This awesome CashCashPinoy deal is available for dine-in and take-out as well! Just remember that this deal is limited to 6 vouchers per person. So what are you waiting for? Such a heavy bargain in a light package! Don't say that didn't make you dash to the nearest bakeshop to get your pandesal fix. Thankfully, CashCashPinoy will let you have your fill of delicious flavorful pandesal right now. Get on board with this promo and let us satisfy your craving!

The Bread Bag | Ortigas Home Depot Complex, J.Vargas st. Pasig City
(02) 470.3637 / (02) 703.7784 (Look for Junjie)

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