Sunday, January 2, 2011

My resolutions for 2011

I'm a bit late, I know. I've been busy doing a lot of things (errr, preparin for the family's new year celebration and the whole hoopla) and as per usual, got side-railed.

This, in turn, got me thinking about drafting my new year's resolution. I know I haven't been able to follow last year's list (I actually ended up scratching most out of it) but hey, at least this year maybe I could do at least half of them:

Love Letters Generator at

What's your resolution?


  1. We wish you the best luck and Happy New Year 2011 !

    The StarGames Team

  2. The reason I hate new year resolutions is because next year I will regret that I've not done my resolutions for this year.

  3. @StarGames: Thank you, wishing you more luck and happiness this year too!

    @Con Artist Trickster: I'll just keep my fingers crossed, and hope I'll be able to do mine this year :)