Wednesday, December 15, 2010

80% Off!! slimming and beauty packages at Clara International!!

Today's Deal : 

80% Off!! P500 for P2500 worth of slimming and beauty packages at Clara International!!

  • Valid from December 24, 2010 to June 30, 2011
  • One voucher valid for 1 area (choice of tummy, arms, legs, face or back)
  • 30 minutes per session
  • By appointment
  • Price is net (VAT included)
  • See the rules that apply to all deals.
  • Four amazing treatments to choose from
  • Benefits include slimming bodies, clearing skin, and flushing harmful toxins out
  • Safe and effective procedures handled by distinguished professionals
  • Uses highly advanced equipment

About the deal:  
Remember those slim fitting outfits you keep gawking at but felt you could never pull them off so you dream of the day when you could fit into them? Well, dream no more because CashCashPinoy has the solution for you! Our friends at Clara International are letting you have P2,500 worth of services for only P500! 
Just to enlighten everyone, Clara International Beauty Group is a trusted name in the beauty care industry here and abroad.  The company has been in the business for 30 years with origins tracing back to Malaysia. Clara International is an award-winning all-organic health and beauty center.
You even have your choice of one among three different services:
One treatment equivalent to 300 CRUNCHES plus visible results right after the very first session. Radio frequency penetrates the skin to generate heat inside the body, which promotes natural fat combustion and cell regeneration, enhances blood and lymph circulation, dissolves cellulite and tightens and lifts problem areas.
Using Acoustic Wave Therapy, Ultra Slim Lite emits 1 million vibrations per second to the deep tissues of your skin, which increases tissue stimulation, promotes local metabolism, excretes skin waste, and helps in decreasing cellulite scars, wrinkles and stretch marks.
This treatment inhibits waste accumulation and releases toxins, making you feel light, clean and bursting with energy.
So you want to be light? Look tight? And just feel right? Then say goodbye to fat chances and take advantage of this awesome CashCashPinoy deal right now!

Clara International | Unit 1-S, 2nd Flr. Sunshine Blvd Plaza, 1328 Quezon Ave.,QC
(02)374.61.54 / (02)374.09.74

3rd Flr, Fox Square Bldg. 53 Connecticut St. Greenhills, San Juan
(02)570.71.98 / (02)782.57.58

How CashCashPinoy works
Very simple : each day, CashCashPinoy features something cool to do in several towns, all over the Philippines, at amazing discount prices of up to 90% off.

How to purchase
First, your just sign up to get your daily deal by email.  Then, with just one click to subscribe to your daily deal and another one to chose your favorite payment system!
Once your payment has been made, you will immediately receive your voucher by email and in your CashCashPinoy account!  Print it and simply present it to the merchant and enjoy your fantastic deal… and your savings!!

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